Athens celebrates European bird-watching day to raise awareness

To celebrate the yearly relocation of birds, individuals of any age went to a celebration of bird watching on Sunday at the “Antonis Tritsis” Environmental Education and Sensitization Park in the northern suburb of Athens. Winged creature darlings, youthful and old, bringing their binoculars joined the bird-watching occasion which was composed by the Hellenic Ornithological Society trying to bring issues to light for this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

“As a component of the European Bird Watching Day, we sorted out an exceptional free day of winged creature viewing and other comparable exercises in Athens and in other 35 puts crosswise over Greece for people in general to come and to watch fledgling movement,” Evgenia Panoriou, in charge of the Environmental Education at the Hellenic Ornithological Society told Xinhua.

Extended to 900 sections of land, “Antonis Tritsis” stop is one of the last sanctuaries of untamed life in the Athens urban condition.

As the wetlands of Attica are contracting as of late, the pools of the recreation center have pulled in different types of winged animals.

“We have watched more than 180 types of winged creatures, similar to cormorants and herons among others,” Panoriou said.

Amid the celebration, guests had the chance to visit and see with binoculars or through telescopes diverse types of natural life.

“It’s an escape from the city life. Numerous families with their kids joined the occasion and took an interest in the exercises with extraordinary intrigue,” Panoriou included.

Youngsters likewise participated in painting and specialty exercises where they learnt the significance of the characteristic natural surroundings of the untamed life.

In collaboration with ANIMA, the Hellenic natural life mind affiliation, they additionally took an interest in discharging wild flying creatures which had been harmed and breast fed for a long stretch.

Through the exercises, guests delighted in the ponder of winged animal movement and focused on the endeavors being made to spare imperiled fledgling species and their natural surroundings.

The atmosphere and land area of Greece, in south-eastern Europe and at the junction of three landmasses, has improved the nation with a various birdlife, as indicated by specialists.

“Up until now, 450 types of winged creatures have been recorded in Greece,” Panoriou said.

The nation involves a meeting point and bottleneck for winged creatures’ section from Europe, Asia and Africa, and is the main place in Europe where you can see a portion of the feathered creatures originating from different mainlands.

The EuroBirdwatch, which happens each year in fall in more than 40 nations, is the greatest occasion of the European and Central Asian Bird Life alliance.