Citroen in Brisbane: always innovating!

In a competitive world market for automobiles, Citroen manages to hold its own. Now part of PSA Citroen Peugeot, this car company continues to develop and innovate. However, the cars can still be recognized as Citroen and carries forward the design flair found in the 2CV or the Citroen DS.

Citroen Berlingo

Utility vehicles are not something new for Citroen. The ancestor of the Berlingo, the Citroen H van, was in production from 1947 through to 1981. A Citroen Berlingo continues this practical tradition.

The van on offer has an 80kw 1.6L petrol engine with 5-speed manual transmission. Safety is also an important feature in this vehicle. The Citroen Berlingo has an EBD ABS braking system. EBD is an electronic brake force distribution system. Road conditions, loading and speed are monitored. The force applied to each brake is then adjusted according to any changes that have been detected. This is combined with ABS. This is an Anti-lock Braking System which automatically monitors pressure on individual brakes which helps to prevent brakes from locking up.

The suspension can take up to 850kg. The van has been designed to load two standard size European pallets or one Australian sized pallet. This will give 4.1 cubic metres in overall space.

There are a number of additional safety features.

There is a “hill start assist” function. This is linked to the Electronic Stability Control System (ESC). This will hold the van for long enough to ensure that there can be a shift from the brake to the accelerator.

An Electronic Stability Program uses a combination of braking and engine speed to control the vehicle when cornering too quickly.

There are optional rear view parking sensors available as well and three optional airbags for protection at the side and in the front.

Citroen C5

This large family saloon was first introduced in 2001. It further extends the Citroen tradition in producing luxury saloon cars.

The Citroen C5 Brisbane shops offer is within reach to those who desire it. These cars come in a number of different engine sizes and configurations. Since 2008 the engine size has ranged from 1.6 litres petrol engines along with diesel equivalents up to 3.0-litre petrol or diesel engines.

A feature that has long been a Citroen trademark is the suspension. In these new Citroen C5 vehicles, a hydropneumatic suspension is used, which was developed by Citroen. This system automatically monitors and adjusts the suspension to give the best “handling” when driving.

Monitoring the vehicle are on board computers which are making many real-time calculations in order to maximize safety, fuel economy and comfort.

The Citroen C5 on offer has a 120kw diesel engine which uses a directed high-pressure injection system along with a “third generation” particle filter. This meets Euro 5 emission standards.

Citroen DS5

Also, Citroen DS5 Brisbane, Australia has today are able to supply this compact executive saloon car. An example that is available is the DS5 Dsport 20Kw Hdi Diesel automatic.

A lot of consideration has been given to the interior design. There are many ergonomic features which make this an easy car to drive. For example, a control panel is set above the driver’s head in a similar fashion to that found in an aircraft.

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