Indiana birdwatching site grows to more than 9,000 acres

A prominent southwestern Indiana birdwatching site has developed to more than 9,000 sections of land because of a protection gathering’s procurement of a key real estate parcel.

The Sycamore Land Trust purchased the 85-section of land tract that is currently part of the Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area close Linton subsequent to raising about $400,000 for the buy.

Sycamore Land Trust representative Abby Perfetti Henkel says the not-for-profit sold the property in August to the state Department of Natural Resources.

The 85-section of land tract incorporates the conversion of two streams that are the wetland-filled Goose Pond site’s primary water sources.


The (Bloomington) Herald-Times reports the securing supports the untamed life range’s property to 9,018 sections of land in a region around 40 miles southwest of Bloomington.

Goose Pond opened in 2005 and draws around 12,000 natural life watchers every year.