LPG: A Better Option For Vehicles

The primary reason to convert their vehicle to LPG is simple and can be summarised in two words: Economic and Environmental.  LPG is cheaper than petrol and is cleaner and eco-friendly.  The number of service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton offers is huge. However, two things must be considered when searching for providers – the mechanics of the service centres are experienced and the service centre is licensed.

LPG converted vehicles have several advantages. Since the gas burns cleaner than other forms of fuel, it keeps the spark plugs and carbon chambers relatively free of carbon deposits. LPG is low polluting, non corrosive, non toxic, free of lead and is abundant in supply. It helps in keeping the environment clean and has less damaging effect on humans and the environment. The cost of LPG is around 55% cheaper than petrol. But LPG systems cannot be installed by anyone. Only licensed centres with prior experience can handle such a job. A good service centre should also readily agree for testing, services, tune-ups and repairs of the system.

Another great option available to owners is dual fuel system in which the original fuel system will remain in the car and the LPG system will be installed as well. In most cases, this increases the kilometre range of the vehicle.  The LPG systems come in two types:  Mixer/Venturi system and Vapour Injection system.

The Mixer/Venturi system is the older system and the cheaper one and is usually fitted to vehicles manufactured before 2001. The Vapour Injection system is the relatively newer technique in which LPG enters the inlet as liquid and it vaporises as soon as it enters. The technique has been available for several years now and has been tried and tested and improved for Australian roads. The service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton services also provide other auxilliary services to LPG systems at regular intervals.

The power output of engines running on LPG is slightly lower than the power output of the engines running on petrol.  The models running on LPG require around 25% more fuel than other models but even then it is a highly beneficial deal as the cost of LPG is much lower than petrol.  The LPG system generally range from 2000$ to 4500$, depending on several factors like the type of vehicle used, type of system and various other options. Almost all cars with a few exceptions can have LPG system.  Also, the servicing of the LPG vehicle bears no additional cost as compared to servicing the original vehicle. It must also be serviced regularly, no matter what fuel system it runs on.

Extra cost in services is avoided by using LPG systems as it generally reduces wear and tear and increases reliability. This is due to several factors as mentioned below:

  • In colder weather, the vehicles do not require choke styles to warm up.
  • LPG does not wash away the protective lubricant from cylinders walls.
  • It reduces carbon build ups in engine reducing engine wear.

Although the number of licensed service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton services are many, before you choose which service centre to go wtih, provider reviews and number of years in the field along with experience of the mechanics must be taken into consideration.