The Mitsubishi Outlander Review

If you are in the market shopping for Mitsubishi new cars, then it would be nice to shop for the Mitsubishi SUVs instead of the passenger cars. These muscular cars are all the rage these days. For many Mitsubishi Toowoomba buyers, cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer seem like some fossils. There are lots of new and exciting options available such as the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Over the past two years, the Mitsubishi Outlander has undergone a major overhaul. It is a statement car and the exterior of the vehicle is guaranteed to grab some attention. Apart from the beautiful exteriors, Mitsubishi has also incorporated a lot under the skin of this SUV. The Mitsubishi new cars come in a great range which includes the five seat and seven seat options, diesel and petrol engines as well as the front and all-wheel drive options.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mid-sized SUV. Mitsubishi has applied several enhancements to the body of the vehicle including the electric-assist steering as well as the multi-link rear suspension feature which has been retuned in order to improve the handling as well as the ride. The vehicle is built with continuously variable transmission which emphasizes the kick-down and the pseudo shift.

Design has been modified to make the cabin quieter by a variety of measures in the design of the vehicle.  These include new designs such as the revised door seal structures, addition of more damping materials, damper tuning and modified tyres. The vehicle is also built with an acoustic windscreen glass material which also contributes to the quiet ambience inside the vehicle.

The vehicle comes with tremendous improvements in the cabin quality. It has a new design three-spoke steering wheel as well as the new seat and headlining materials. The redesigned seats of the vehicle contribute towards the extra comfort in the vehicle. On the surface level of these Mitsubishi new cars, the manufacturer has kept the same line-up of the drivetrains as well as the seat options but the names have changed. The ES has become the LS while old LS is now the XLS. Aspire is now Exceed.

The manufacturer has retained the power as well as the torque figures in the entire range. With the 2.0, you can expect 110kW/190Nm while in the 2.4, expect 124kW/220Nm. The DiD diesel has 110kW/360Nm. The diesel fuel economy has also remains unchanged.

The Outlander has a similar range of price as its class competitors such as the Subaru Forrester, the Toyota RAV4, the KIA Sportage, the Nissan X-Trail as well as the Mazda XC-5. If you are buying all the models of the Outlander from the car dealers Toowoomba services, you will get cars with the new-look 18-inch wheels. The vehicle also comes with the rear foglights, the rear combination lamps as well as LED daytime running lamps.

The standard equipment base line includes lots of features such as its seven airbags, the reversing camera and sensors, cruise control features, the single zone climate control features along with the rake adjustable steering features. The car also comes with a five-star ANCAP rating.

The Outlander’s style has changed considerably but this is also supported by numerous other changes under the skin of the vehicle. You can find a great Mitsubishi Outlander at a reputable car dealer in Toowoomba such as Len Patti Motors. Check out the car dealer’s website at